POWTECH 2019 | ULMATEC extraction systems in Hall 4A booth 210

„POWTECH is the world’s undisputed number one for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies. It reflects the current state of the art in mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation – and so provides a unique overview for a variety of industries from glass, building materials and paper to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food. Experts visit POWTECH to look for pioneering innovations in size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing or granulating and many other processes.“

Processes of this kind, often accumulate large amounts of dust and material, which must be reliably extracted to protect man and machine. Through our modular design, we construct indivudual extraction systems for almost any process and material, without loosing the economical aspect. The producer range of ULMATEC includes capturing elements such as the extraction table ATM, industrial deduster with cartridge filters (type IEP) or with hose filters (type IES).

Our 360° service includes consulting, planning, production, installation, maintenance and the sale of accessories and spare parts. We look forward to your visit at our booth 210, in hall 4A, or your direct request to info@ulmatec.de

Further information about the fair under www.powtech.com or the video of POWTECH 2017.

Industrial Deduster IEP

Industrial Deduster IEP | ULMATEC extraction systems

During a dry extraction process, the material is collected directly via a collection element (e.g. extraction arm) and guided into the cyclone pre-separator via a flow-optimized piping system. A significant quantity of the dust can already be discharged at this stage. The remaining fine dust is completely separated by various filter media. For oily or greasy materials, we also use a precoating unit, which coats the filters with a protective layer at regular intervals to ensure the required degree of separation and to prevent the filters from becoming blocked/stuck.

Deposits in the piping system and plant are prevented by means of a constant air velocity of >20 m/s (monitoring by means of negative pressure and volumetric flow measurement). We also construct all plant components so that they are free from ignition sources, ATEX/TÜV (Technical Inspection Association, Germany)-compliant and completely conductive (zone-free operation). However, if a spark does manage to reach the filter unit, sensors automatically trigger the integrated extinguishing mechanisms (powder or CO2) and the plant shuts down.


  • Cost savings of up to 30%
  • Plant is completely conductive and free from ignition sources
  • Low energy costs thanks to cleanable permanent filter
  • Airflow monitoring
  • Low space requirements
  • Large inspection door (maintenance, cleaning)
  • Easy discharge disposal
  • No expensive explosion protection components (check valves, rapid-action valves)
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Precoating unit H-14 post filter
  • Cyclone pre-separator Carbon filter
  • Feet, fork lift flaps, wheels Special sound insulation
  • Interfaces left or right Customized plant color
  • Various controls (multilingual)
  • Various discharge options

Discharge Options

  • Bucket (various sizes)
  • Container (opt. mobile)
  • Rotary feeder
  • Screw conveyor
  • Directly via the piping system


Wet Separator NAS

Wet Separator NAS | ULMATEC extraction systems

The NAS wet separator is designed to separate all those materials that are difficult or impossible to separate using a dry procedure. When processing aluminum, for example, explosive dust is formed, which has to be safely bound and separated. The material is transported via the intake nozzle to the mixer, where it is bound in a generated water vortex and discharged via a container or drain cock. The extracted dust undergoes a multiphase filtration process and is reliably separated. The purified air can then be fed back into the space.

Optimally coordinated components guarantee maximum performance with low energy consumption. This makes the ULMATEC wet separator one of the most reliable solutions for handling combustible or explosive materials. Watch the product video!


  • Modular system
  • Various capacities
  • Low space requirements
  • Large inspection door (maintenance, cleaning)
  • Easy discharge disposal
  • Low energy/water consumption
  • Water-contacting components made from stainless steel
  • Automatic water level management and filling
  • Suitable for explosive dust (e.g. aluminum)
  • Stainless steel dust possible with air recirculation


  • Feet, fork lift flaps,wheels
  • H-14 post filter
  • Interfaces left or right
  • Carbon filter
  • Various controls (multilingual)
  • Special sound insulation
  • Discharge via mobile container or drain cock
  • Customized plant color


Extraction Table ATM

Extraction Table ATM | ULMATEC extraction systems

The extraction tables of our ATM series capture and filter several of materials such as fog, smoke or chips, which can be created during processes like grinding, cutting or welding. The extraction can be done through the undertable, back wall or the additional side walls.

The discharge can be extracted directly through a pipe system or into a lockable bucket. Through the flow-optimized cone design, deposits in the lower area of the table are minimized. As well as the required air volume and the energy costs are reduced.

Due to the modular design and different sizes, each table is configured specific for the process and the customer. The generous legroom in combination with the hydraulic height adjustment makes the ATM a comfortable and ergonomic workplace for numerous processes.


  • Modular design and different sizes
  • Flexible or fixed sidewalls
  • Extraction through back- or sidewalls
  • Height adjustable
  • Various working surfaces
  • Easy disposal of the discharge
  • Generous legroom


  • Grid, wood, plasma or plastic surface
  • Lightings
  • Back wall with folding side walls
  • On/Off switch (extraction)
  • Mobile version with rolls
  • Side walls sound insulated
  • Vise fixing
  • For heavy loads up to 1.5 t