NOVELTY - Filter towers for smoke/dust/mist

NOVELTY - Filter towers for smoke/dust/mist

Room and hall extraction systems ready to plug in without piping system for cleaning the air in your production.
The "Plug & Play" filter towers by ULMATEC are used when pointed suction of smoke, dust and cooling lubricants is not practical or sufficiently possible in processing of large workpieces. In contrast to previous room venting systems, it is no longer necessary to place a piping system. The filter towers are delivered completely pre-installed and ready for operation.

Just set-up, connect and use!

The employers' liability insurance association recommends filter towers according to the layer venting principle, since this not only clean the air in the circulation principle but also achieves heating costs savings at up to 70%.
ULMATEC filter towers are low-noise and simple to operate. Both contamination-dependent power control and a radio remote control or remote maintenance via W-LAN are possible as options and make the filter towers a complete hall suction system for welding, cutting, grinding and processing of workpieces with cooling lubricants. If the work flow in your production ever changes, this is not a problem with the filter towers of the FT type. The fork-lift straps or crane eyelets makes it possible to set them up quickly and easily anywhere.