Downdraft-tables ATM


The new ATM from ULMATEC | Secure sawing, welding or cutting

Flexible & efficient

The doendraft-tables of our ATM series capture and filter several of materials such as fog, smoke or chips, which can be created during processes like grinding, cutting or welding. The extraction can be done through the undertable, back wall or the additional side walls.

The discharge can be extracted directly through a pipe system or into a lockable bucket. Through the flow-optimized cone design, deposits in the lower area of the table are minimized. As well as the required air volume and the energy costs are reduced.

Due to the modular design and different sizes, each table is configured specific for the process and the customer. The generous legroom in combination with the hydraulic height adjustment makes the ATM a comfortable and ergonomic workplace for numerous processes.

In addition to options such as lighting, 230V socket or vise mounting, we now also offer extraction side walls and a hydraulic height adjustment. All extraction walls are also available with tool holder.



  • Modular design and different sizes
  • Flexible or fixed sidewalls
  • Extraction through back- or sidewalls
  • Height adjustable
  • Various working surfaces
  • Easy disposal of the discharge
  • Generous legroom


  • Grid, wood, plasma or plastic surface
  • Lighting
  • Back wall with folding side walls
  • On/Off switch (extraction)
  • Mobile version with rolls
  • Side walls sound insulated
  • Vise fixing
  • For heavy loads up to 1.5 t

Extraction table for professionals | ATM 750 ULMATEC
ATM 750
Extraction table for professionals | ATM 1500 ULMATEC
ATM 1500