Wet Separator NAS

Wet Separator NAS for inflammable and explosive dusts | ULMATEC GmbH

Ideal for flammable and explosive material

The wet separator NAS is predestined for the separation of all those substances that are difficult or even impossible to separate in a dry process. While the processing of e.g. aluminum, explosive dusts are generated and must be securely bound and separated.

The material passes through the intake nozzle into the mixer, where it can be bound in a generated water vortex and discharged via a container or drain cock. The extracted dusts are reliable separated through a multiphase filtration. The filtered air can be returned into the production area.

Optimally coordinated components guarantee a maximum performance with a low energy consumption. This makes the ULMATEC wet separator one of the safest solutions in dealing with flammable or explosive materials.



  • Modular design
  • Various performance classes
  • Small footprint
  • Large inspection door (service, cleaning)
  • Easy disposal of the discharge
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • All water-contacting parts of stainless steel (V2A)
  • Automatic water level control and filling
  • Suitable for explosive dusts (e.g. aluminum)
  • Stainless steel dust possible with air recirculation


  • HEPA filter (H14)
  • Carbon filter
  • Special sound insulation
  • Individual colour
  • Stationary feet, fork-lift plates, rolls
  • Interfaces left or right
  • Various controls (multilingual)
  • Discharge via mobile container or drain cock

System Variants:

Nassabscheider NAS BG2 mit Ablasshahn | ULMATEC GmbH
Wet Separator NAS BG 2 with drain cock
Nassabscheider NAS Innenansicht | ULMATEC GmbH
Wet Separator NAS interior view
Nassabscheider NAS mobile Version mit Rädern | ULMATEC GmbH
Wet Separator NAS mobile version with rolls

System video: