Reliable extraction for flame cutting processes

Sichere Absaugung bei Brennschneid Prozessen | ULMATEC GmbH

According to the German weather service, today will be the hottest day of the year, with temperatures up to 38°C. Way much higher temperatures must be achieved in processes such as the so-called flame cutting. In iron for example up to 1.536 °C. Flame cutting is one of the most economical ways to produce medium to large sheet thicknesses for materials such as to separate aluminum and iron.

The material is burnt by a flame of fuel gas and oxygen so that a kerf is formed. The cutting oxygen burns and floats the molten material, the so-called "slag" out of the kerf. The slag drips mostly through a grid into a container or directly into a corresponding capturing system such as e.g. a flame cutting table. The burning process also creates hot sparks, which must also be reliably detected and extracted to protect the workpiece and the machine at the point of origin, e.g. via an ATM extraction table in combination with an industrial smoke filter from the ULMATEC IRF series.

The sparks are detected directly via the extraction table and directed via a flow-optimized pipe system into a pre-separator (cyclone pre-separator or water pre-separator). Here already a large part of the material can be discharged via a container. The remaining particles are completely separated by different filter media. Nevertheless, should a spark reach the filter unit, sensors automatically trigger the integrated powder extinguishing system. The purified air can then be returned to the room or channeled outside via a pipe system.

The entire ULMATEC team wishes a cool head for the upcoming summer weekend!