Planners + engineering offices

Planners + engineering offices  

We support you

As a planner and engineering office, you are charged with consulting, design and planning of many construction projects. To meet the requirements of your customers around the area of suction technology, we offer a comprehensive service range around the subject of exhaust systems. Together with you, we will develop the best suction solution for your customer.


We offer the following service for planners and engineering offices of ULMATEC:

  • You will receive basic and product training on the subject of suction technology at your site and in the training room of ULMATEC.
  • Guaranteed project protection of your end customers.
  • We will provide visit support for your customers.
  • You will have ONE contact for the entire product range of suction technology - from standardised industrial suction to "turn-key" special systems - from capture of the medium to central dedusting.
  • You will receive technical product descriptions, texts for invitations for tender, drawings and pictures for your plans.
  • Offers, order confirmations and product descriptions (pdf, word, excel, etc.) are adjusted specifically to your system.
  • The latest news on the subject of suction technology (product novelties, provisions, etc.) will always keep you up to date.