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Vortrag Stressprävention im Büroalltag | ULMATEC GmbH

Following the slogan “Health starts at the workplace“, we got the chance to listen to a lecture last week by Dr. Brückner of “NIMAS” on the topic “Effects of stress to our body and preventive measures”. The aim of the lecture was to promote our awareness of our health, especially in stressful situations, and was organized by our health management.

In the first part, Dr. Brückner showed us the possible consequences of unhealthy nutrition, chronic stress, lack of light and sleep on our body and psyche. Especially in times when we are strongly challenged by our office life, family or other circumstances, we should try to incorporate small islands of relaxation into our daily routine and to keep our body healthy with the right nutrition and exercises. This includes small measures such as drinking enough water, running stairs and eating fruits, but also holistic processes such as healthy diet or a regular sport program.

At ULMATEC, we can already delete some of points of this list. Our employees have fresh fruits and free drinks available daily and can choose from a large number of balanced dishes for lunch. Not only do we strive for innovation and progress in technology, we also want to take further measures to actively promote the health and satisfaction of our employees. We´d like to say thank you to Dr. Brückner for his exciting lecture and we will try to implement his tips in everyday work.

About NIMAS and Dr. Brückner:
Dr. Brückner is an independent general practitioner with his own practice in Nersingen (near Ulm) and belongs to the health team „NIMAS“. The team consists of health promotion professionals, general practitioners, psychotherapy, Feng-Shui, QiGong and Tai Chi. This includes not only the treatment of physical and mental discomfort, but also preventative measures such as healthy nutrition, relaxation therapies and stress management to prevent potential illnesses such as burnout and depression.