Compressors / Ventilators

Radial blower MRG 7,5 kW
Radial blower MRG 7.5 kW

Compressors by ULMATEC are used to transport either clean air or material. The vacuum and volumetric flow rate are produced in the compressor.

Blowers are mostly used in the medium-pressure range. Turbines, side-channel compressors and rotary-piston compressors produce a high vacuum and are therefore used in the high-pressure range. Compressors are chosen according to application type of the exhaust system and the operating time.

The compressors by ULMATEC are available in the following designs:


Blowers - High efficiencies for any application

Blowers by ULMATEC are produced in two types:

  • Radial blower type MRG
  • Axial blower type MAG

The blowers run very calmly due to the statically and dynamically balanced impeller and are driven directly.

Radial blowers MRG are used when air or material is transported in the middle-pressure range. For this, open and closed impellers are used. Radial blowers MRG are installed in all of our products of the series.

Usually, these blowers are already installed in a sound-reduction housing when used in exhaust systems. Additionally, it is sensible to install them in a sound protection housing at high power values or separately set up blowers.

Axial blowers MAG are used in the vacuum to medium-pressure range. They serve pure air transport and thus are often used for venting rooms or halls.


Suction turbines - optimal for sporadic use

Suction turbines STB by ULMATEC are delivered with a high air volume and pressure at an output of 1.0 kW.
Because of the optimal price/performance ratio, suction turbines are installed as basic units, e.g. in industrial suction devices. The high rotating speed produces increased temperatures. Therefore they are mostly to be used in sporadic operation.


Side-channel compressors - the way to high pressure

Side-channel compressors SKV by ULMATEC are pre-installed in exhaust systems and used as stand-alone units in central exhaust systems. They are produced in many different output sizes. Side-channel compressors are used in the high-pressure area.

If you have small cross-sections to be extracted and/or long pipes to be bridged, the side-channel compressor is the right product for your operation.

A safety valve enclosed by default by ULMATEC protects the side-channel compressors against overheating and permits use in continuous operation. In case of standardised systems the sound-reduction housing is already implemented in the device, while large stand-alone units contain a separate sound reduction housing in the delivery.


Rotary piston compressors - for the highest demands

Rotary piston compressors DKV by ULMATEC are used in central exhaust systems as stand-alone units or installed in standard devices on request. They are delivered in all output sizes up to 110 kW.
The constant and extremely high pressure range makes the application fields mostly exhaust systems that require suction across very far distances or where there must be no fluctuations in direct machine extraction.
Safety valves sized accordingly and delivered by default by ULMATEC protect the rotary piston compressors from overheating and permit their use in continuous operation.
Rotary piston compressors are always installed in a sound-reduction housing - especially because of the high sound pressure level.