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Regular inspection and maintenance of exhaust systems is controlled by different provisions.
Depending on provision, the inspection/maintenance is to be performed by "experts" or "qualified persons".

  • Hazardous substance regulations (Gefahrenstoffverordnung; GefStV)

Appendix I, 2.3 para. 7 "Particulate hazardous substances" requires at least an annual documented function test of the dedusting system.

  • BGR 121 "Workplace ventilation"

Explains the demands of the hazardous substance regulations.
Section 3.7.2 requires at least an annual inspection by a "qualified person" according to BetrSichV or an "expert" (an expert is he who due to his technical training and experience has sufficient knowledge in the area of the systems for workplace ventilation and who is familiar with the relevant work protection provisions).

  • TRGS 560, 4. "Requirement to the permitted air return"

Item 6: Exhaust systems and devices must be regularly serviced by:

- inspections on every working day
- regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's information and
- the possibly resulting repairs.

At least once per year, exhaust systems and devices must be inspected for function and effectiveness. Written records must be kept on the maintenance work and inspections of function and provided to the relevant authority on request.

  • VV VBG 1, 3. "Operating systems and operating rules"

§39 inspections, item 3
Safety facilities to prevent or remove dangers, e.g. safety lighting, fire extinguishing facilities, exhaust devices, signalling facilities, emergency units and emergency switches, as well as ventilation-technical systems with air cleaning must be serviced regularly and inspected for function. The inspections must be performed at least annually for safety devices. For fire extinguishersand  ventilation-technical systemsat least every two years.

Stand: 05/2014


At conclusion of an inspection and maintenance contract, our qualified ULMATEC service installers will inspect your exhaust systems at specified intervals.
This applies both to exhaust systems from ULMATEC and to third-party systems.
Of course, you will receive a record of all repair and service work performed by ULMATEC.